How Speech Recognition Can Seriously Boost Your Productivity With Speech To Note

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2 min readSep 14, 2023

Leveraging Speech Recognition for Enhanced Productivity

The proliferation of speech recognition technology presents new opportunities to streamline workflows and increase productivity. This article explores the time-saving and accuracy benefits of dictation over manual typing, as well as best practices for integrating voice-to-text into daily processes.

The Speed Advantages of Dictation

On average, humans speak much faster than they can type. While most people type 40 words per minute, human speech falls in the 100 to 150 wpm range. By dictating instead of manually inputting text, writers can get thoughts onto the page significantly faster. They no longer need to constantly shift visual focus between screen and keyboard. Writers can stay focused on the flow of ideas while speaking, using punctuation commands and keyboard shortcuts to format. This results in time savings that add up, especially for long-form writing projects.

Accuracy Improvements Through Direct Voice Transcription

Dictation also improves accuracy by removing the errors inherent in manual typing. Typos frequently occur when fingers hit incorrect keys. Speech recognition eliminates this problem by directly transcribing the speaker’s words. Current voice-to-text technology can capture punctuation as well. It continues to improve at recognizing industry jargon, uncommon names and niche terminology. While some editing is still required, dictation captures the writer’s original thoughts more precisely.

Optimizing Workflows for Seamless Speech Recognition

To maximize the productivity benefits of speech recognition, workflows need optimization:

- Invest in a high-quality microphone and use noise-cancellation headphones for accuracy.

- Find a quiet environment to reduce background noise interference.

- Speak naturally in complete sentences or full paragraphs during dictation sessions.

.- Practice regularly and train the software on vocabulary for improved precision.

- Edit text and refine formatting after dictation to catch errors.

Speech recognition technology enables productivity increases through faster writing speed and accuracy improvements over manual typing. Following best practices for integrated dictation workflow can help writers maximize their time-saving impact. The benefits will compound the more that voice-to-text is incorporated into regular writing routines.



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